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They blow up, cause radiation, cancer, fires and skyrocketing bills!

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AC Cages, Pool Equipment Cages, Electric Meter Cages, Well Equipment Cages, Phone & Data System Cages, Gas Meter Cages & Gas Smart Meter Cages. We have the CAGE for YOU!


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All of Our Cages are made with Strong and Durable 10 – 12 Gauge Steel. We use rolled steel hinges and all cages come with a service access door with a cylinder lock. Our cages are tough and so are our locks.
All cages Come in Standard Beige Color. Custom Colors Available Upon Request for an Additional Charge.

Air Conditioner Cages by AC stolen Inc., is in SW Florida, and is doing their best to help put an end to the copper and metal theft that has been so prevalent in Lee, Collier and Charlotte Counties. Chuck Barlow, President of AC Theft Cages, custom designs and installs anti theft cages for his residential and commercial clients that want to make sure their air conditioners, pool and well equipment and utility meters remain secured.

In this hard hit economy, and the fact that it takes a thief less than three minutes to take what they want from the unit or simply take the whole thing. We have heard of air conditioning units being installed and within 30 minutes the thieves have stolen the new unit after the air conditioning company leaves. What’s worse, with the new EPA changes with the R-22 refrigerant phase-out to help our ozone , property owners are now looking at not only replacing the exterior unit that has been stolen but now they will need to replace the interior unit as well.

Remember, the more information we have about the job, the better we can calculate your estimate, so include details. Be sure to select the number of cages you want prices for and where they will be located.  To receive your free estimate, click here.

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The price of copper is at an all time high. This is why you must protect yourself from theft with an A/C air conditioner cage. Don’t assume you’re not a target! We serve all of Fort Myers and Southwest Florida with personal free estimates! We can also ship A/C cages anywhere, Nationwide! Lee County is our home location. We know our area is not the only one hit hard! Protect your assets with the best air conditioning cages, well equipment cages, generator and/or pool equipment cages in Fort Myers!

Thieves do not discriminate! They are stealing copper from large commercial businesses, homes in gated communities, churches, rooftops, schools and their own neighbors AC Units. If they haven’t worked their way into your neighborhood yet, you’re lucky. They will be there soon. This has turned into an addictive, easy money making business according to reports. It is just too easy! Need more reasons to get the cage? Click on the link below to read the NBC-2 reporting on the recent stolen well equipment in Golden Gate:  Stolen Well Equipment April 2018 Golden Gate


They CAN NOT be Cut with Bolt Cutters!!!

A/C Units Stolen & Damaged in the News!