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FAQ AC Theft

Here are the Most Frequently Asked Questions we get here about AC cages. These questions apply to all our Air Conditioning A/C cages that we manufacture.

1) Is there access to the Air conditioning unit for service and maintenance after the cage is installed? Does it need to be removed before service?

All the cages we manufacture come with an access door for regular maintenance and repair and the cage does NOT have to be removed at all.

2) Can the Lock on the access door or hinge be cut with bolt cutters?

No! The Lock is encased in two (2) inches of steel and the hinges are made of rolled steel.

3) Can you match the color of my building so the cage will blend in better and not stick out?

Yes! All of our cages come standard beige color but can be colored to any custom color for an additional charge.

4) Can you ship the cage to me if I am not local?

Yes! We ship AC cages to all states within the USA Via UPS & FedEx, We charge actual Shipping Costs.

5) Are the cages strong enough to keep out Vandals?

All of our Cages are made with Heavy Duty 10 – 12 gauge steel and not only are they strong enough against Vandals but they are also Hurricane Proof!