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They blow up, cause radiation, cancer, fires and skyrocketing bills!

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These are custom cages made to your specifications. There are NO refunds, NO returns and NO exchanges. Thank you for understanding and for being a valued client!

Custom cage

Enter the price quoted to you for your custom cage. For example, if you were quoted $499.00 for your custom cage. Simply enter 499 in the box below. Do NOT include the $ sign, the decimal point or the trailing 0’s just enter 499.


Each cage is 100% welded, heavy duty steel, not the lightweight material used everywhere else. The hinges are made from heavy duty rolled steel.

NOTE! These units are designed to mount to concrete. You should have either a three (3) inch concrete slab since this cannot be mounted to the new fiberglass pads or it will need to be installed to the wall. See our Wall Brackets Here.

Access points are built in to the design for regular A/C maintenance and repair. Other cages Do Not have this very important feature!